A Case for Real Reparations

Ever since the Westeuropean man sailed outside Europe in 1492 he has been a global threat.

He has constructed since that year a Global System of Racism that mirrors his immoral and corrupt character.

To explain what this system is:

Racism isnt insulting someone with words. Thats micro-terrorism. Racism is an institutionalized system of social, political, religious and economic power that grants rights and privillege to whites. Made possible by the oppression of other races.  This Global System of Racism is in place for one purpose. To accumulate wealth for the western world. And one means to accomplish this is by looting the natural resources of non-white countries, oftentimes with militairy aggression. I dont call this system White Supremacy because there is nothing supreme about whites. Remember. Supreme is the superlative degree of superior

The European man has terrorized every single race of people with whom he came in contact with for these past 500 years.

Just think about the Australian Aboriginals. There were hundreds of different nations on that continent. Approximately 1600.

The European man, cloaked in christianity, brought these beautiful peace-loving people to the brink of extinction. With vicious and most brutal genocides. He stole their land and named it Australia.

Or take a look at what happened to the Native Caribbeans. When Columbus “discovered” these peace-loving people it took the christian Spaniards some 50 years to totally annihilate every single man, woman and child on these paradise-like islands.  Spanish soldiers even got paid so-called rewards for every cut-off ear or nose from the Natives. 

The Native Caribbean cant call for reparations. He and his culture are gone.


How the West was won?

With brutal and utterly savage behaviour.

The Native American couldnt stop the invasion of the Europid Barbarians, fought many battles but had his land stolen. This goes for the Native American in North and South-America. They were, like the Aboriginal Australian, almost exterminated. And now when you want to see real “Indians” you have to go to reservations.

An Indian (from India) historian has calculated that appr. 600 million people in Asia were murdered at the hands of the European invaders. So from the 16th century to the days of dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, to the genocides commited during the Korean, the Indonesian and the Vietnam wars. The European man showed his real barbaric face already to the Asian man.

Lets look at Africa.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery and the colonization of our Motherland.

Over 400 years of white man’s terrorism has caused an almost total destruction of the many cultures within these Holy Lands.

Africans. A race of people who had thriving civilizations and had highly evolved societies, where every individual understood that he or she must harmonize his inner-self and behaviour with Universal Laws. Therefore, every state or kingdom made great efforts to keep peaceful relationships with neighbouring states and kingdoms. 

Nowadays we are confused about what it means to be civilized.

The European version of civilization is in truth pure savagery. But with propaganda through tell-a-lievision and movies, their religion called materialism and academic lies they create the illusion of being civilized.

To be civilized is first and foremost to be civil in your behaviour towards other kinds of people and the natural world. Even a child can spell that out…

From chemical and nuclear waste disposal on the beaches of so-called third world countries to Fractional Reserve Banking. From the social injustice of U.S. police men and women murdering Black men, women and children to the ISS-Hoax ( its in the thermosphere). From economic warfare against the BRICS countries to the sick-making food-industry. From the  U.S. government`s involvement in the events of 9/11, to the development of Ebola that has all characteristiscs of a biological weapon, its patented by the U.S. government. From the spraying of cancerous chemtrails, to the creation of Islamic State by Western agencies. From invading sovereign states for the purpose of stealing their natural resources and the western media-outlets, news-organizations and academics who collaborate in these criminal practices by not telling the truth about it. All the way to the criminalizing of democratically elected African heads of states by the criminal International Crime Court. These are some of the visible aspects of Western culture.

Whites are a minority on this planet making up 8 procent of world`s population, but they use close to 85 procent of this planet`s resources.

So to call the western culture and its ideology a parasitic one is an understatement.

And I can go on and on in a madman`s singasong. But the point is made. Every non-western person knows:

The culture of the Western Barbarian is a totally corrupt and immoral culture. So, to make a long-belly story short;

Black people have an absolute right to claim Reparations from the Western man. But.

This right to claim is based on moral judgments.

And the truth of the matter is simple.

Western man is not governed by good morals or an overall sense of goodness. His and her behaviour is wrapped up in a demonic kind of greed and a lust to conquer and dehumanize other races of people. The Europid Barbarian has only one thing he or she loves. And that is money.

And they very well understand that when you as a race have the financial means, you can regulate your own and other peoples lives.

With money you can build culture. You can build industries and institutions to create, support and maintain every aspect of your culture and start organizations to have a global influence on economics, trade and politics. And produce or even buy all kinds of destructive militairy weapons to defend that culture by every means.

So again.

We, the Black people of the world, have the Absolute Moral Right to make a claim for Reparations. Our cultures need repairment.

But we must ask ourselves this one question.

Do we really and seriously think that the Europid Barbarian, who is driven by a malicious greed and lust for money, will answer our morally just call for Reparations and give us trillions of Dollars and Euros? 

While we know that with money you can build culture. You can build industries and institutions to create, support and maintain every aspect of your culture and start organizations to have a global influence on economics, trade and politics. And produce or even buy all kinds of destructive militairy weapons to defend that culture by every means…

In reality.

What are we asking the Europids to do?

To give us the financial means with which we can construct a Global System of Black Power? So that we will put it to practice and use it to battle the Global System of white man’s Racism, a brutal system that is the cancerous foundation of his and her culture? And eventually put the final nail in the coffin of the diseased and dying western world?

If we truly believe that the Western Barbarian will give the financial means to Black people to kill of western “civilization”, than we can also believe that a blonde and blue eyed or a Rastafari Jesus will come down in a space-ship to save the planet.

It has become a cartoonlike thing: A Black man pumps his fist to proclaim Black Power and wants the destruction of the Global System of Racism. But at the same time he holds the other hand up to ask the Europid Barbarian for Reparation-money.

When Native American peoples where sitting on the negotiation table with the European man, to talk about Reparations, they got deceived in a terrible way. So many Native Americans now say that “they sold their ancestors souls for a handfull of silver coins”.

We of the Black race suffered from the most horrible acts of terrorism, lynching, rape, police-brutality and slavery for the last 500 years. In the history of mankind there has not been a people who endured so much suffering.

Who in his right mind can put a monetary value on the mass raping of African women, the systematic torture and mutilation of countless forefathers and -mothers? Who can put a prize at the colonizing of their spirituality so that they abandoned their own Gods and started praying to a European polluted concept of the Creator?

Can we measure the almost total destruction of African cultures with dollars and euros?

Tens of millions of African people were murdered during the Middle Passage. What number of money do we calculate for every single life that was taken then?

By saying we want reparations for the 400 years of free labor, as a back pay, we turn our ancestors into contractworkers. And they will be sold again on a different kind of auction blocks. This time by their descendants.

To be or not to be an enslaved African….

Allmost 400 years of slavery.

400 years!!

Can you count the generations of men and women in bondage? More than 70 million Africans where abducted from their homeland and experienced the horrors of the Trans-Atlantic Slavetrade and Slavery. The memory of this era is engraved in our d.n.a. The greatest crimes and atrocities in human history where commited during Africas Dark Ages, in those four centuries of European wealth accumulation. Not even after a billion years we will forget.

And by the way, is it not proof of total madness that slaveminded and christianized ones amongst us are talking about forgiveness? While we know that to forgive is to totally absolve all guilt?

Not even the mythological Jesus would preach such foolishness.

Jews suffered from 1942 till 1945 in a Holocaust.  Not one of them is crazy enough to even think about forgiving the Nazis.

400 years

And after the abolition of Slavery followed decades of chewing down on the fruits of racism that was created during our Holocaust. Black people, generation after generation, terrorized in the most terrible ways for these last 500 years.

Is there even enough money in the world to pay for Reparations?

Now its 2017 .

Our ancestors, who suffered enormously during the centuries of European terrorism, never let their souls be enslaved and corrupted. Never arrived at a mental plane  where they didnt listen anymore to the Good Inclinations of their souls. They didnt become as evil and immoral as the Europeans. 

Thank the All-Mighty One for that.

We are the ones that give voice to our Ancestors anger, frustrations, sorrows and pain. We stand on a High Moral Ground when we mirror our thoughts and feelings about 400 years of terror from the hands of the Western Barbarian.

But as soon as we go sit around the negotiation table with the Europid immoral man to trade the Vengeful Blood, the Bitter Tears and the Sacrosanct Sweat of our Ancestors for a “handfull of silver coins”  we denigrate our whole race. Lose our carefully rebuilded Self-Respect and will forever be known as a Race of Beggars. And other races will look down upon us as a people without pride and dignity.

We grew up in a world where a totally corrupt form of capitalism is implemented in everyday life.

And in our reasoning about Slavery, too many of us have become corrupted. By balancing out historical wrongs with a demand to receive a minimum amount of money from the white man and woman.

Just think about the absurdity of asking the same people who gave the Black race so much misery, to give out Reparation-money?

So please, lets stand Tall and stay High.

Eventough western negative propaganda via tell-a-lievision and fake-newsmedia tells otherwise and propagates a false image about the global Black community. The global Black uplifting of cultures ,the African Renaissance, has allready started.

In Africa there is a rapidly growing middle class, poverty is sharply decreasing. There are increasing masses of well educated and well skilled people. The rest of the Black world will follow.

This is Reparation in progress.

A great number of Black psychologists recognize the many troubles in our global community as a form of Post Slavery and Colonization Trauma. Some are setting up programs to heal these traumas with specialized psycho-therapy.

Thats priceless reparation.

A growing group of Black women worldwide are saying good-bye to a colonized mindset, a materialistic lifestyle, weaves and relaxers to return to a Natural state.

This is psychological Reparation.

More and more Black people around the world shake off the shackles of Western-christianity and islam and return to African-Centered thought-systems, philosophies and spirituality.

Real spiritual Reparation.

For many decades Europids dumped their broken machines in Africa. Where African men, through reverse engineering, repaired them and sold them on the local markets. Now we see how Africans evolved their technical skills, with so many African youngsters inventing high-tech and low-tech products that can compete against Asian and European products. 

These are substantial Reparations.

Caribbean nations have over these last 10 years acquired a stake of 5.2% among the major foreign holders of U.S. Treasury Securities.

Thats some hard-core Reparations.

And I can go on and on in a Blackalicious, very soulful, singasong with facts to show how we as a race are beginning to stand up from the beat down and as a whole are slowly moving forward.

In conclusion;

I am very optimistic about the future of my race. Slowly, but gradually, we are repairing ourselves. And one thing for me is 100% certain.

Unu kra na a Kankam Faya. Our soul is the True Fire.

Cant be copied,

Can t be stolen,

Cant be sold.

My Brother, My Sister,

Let peace be with you

6 gedachten over “A Case for Real Reparations

  1. Love this blog! Very forceful. I especially love the way you give us hope by recounting some of the wonderful things happening in Africa, which we never hear about from the mainstream media. Please keep doing that. About forgiveness and demanding reparations I would like to say that forgiveness does not mean condoning someones actions. It means that you stop carrying the perpetrator around on you back. You put him down and let him find his own way, you do not let him be a burden to you any longer, you do not let him occupy more space in your mind. The Hawaiian original people know the concept of hóponopono, a special way of dealing with one who has committed a crime. He needs to acknowledge his crime in public and make reparations towards the injured. Then he can be forgiven. The need of the criminal for forgiveness is greater than that of the victim. One day whites will see this, if they are lucky and truly want to progress in a moral way. If they don’t that is their problem. We just need to shake them off our backs, so we can go on with our own progress. This is not for their sakes, but for ours.

    Geliked door 2 people

    1. Thanks for your kind words Joan. And yes I know about the Ho’oponopono concept of forgiveness. But this way of forgiving someone is restricted to the seriousness of the crime commited and is applied only to ward of disease and bad luck for an individual and his or her family. This Hawaiian idea has a few touching stones with the neo-christian and New-Age idea of forgiving as a way to “release inner pain” and “letting go of things”. These concepts are all about the need for personal salvation. What I`m trying to make people aware of is that the crimes commited during the Trans-Atlantic Slavetrade and Slavery where too serious for contemplation about forgiveness. Not even in the Old Testament can you find such serious transgressions. These crimes laid the foundation for present day racism, stereo-types about Blacks, and the phenomenon of “self-hate” in our global community. We cannot let go and speak out forgiveness because everyday we, as a global people, are still confronted with the hate and the Global System of Racism that was cultivated during those centuries of slavery and colonization. The United Nations labeled those centuries of the European affront against the Creator, centuries of an African Holocaust, as “one of the greastest atrocities in human history”.
      Those atrocities of the past defined the way we shaped and reformed our cultures, the way we perceive reality.
      So instead of “letting go” by forgiving and eventually forgetting what happened, we can find another way to personal salvation. We can for instance apply the Akan philosophy of Sankofa as a learning tool. So that we can move forward into the future with feelings of self-worth and inner-peace and at the same time hold the memories of the past alive. In the proces self-hate will melt like snow in the Sun. This thought model makes the concept of forgiving irrelevant.
      We have to accept that choices and events of the past define the everyday reality and take it as a lesson for future generations. To make sure we realize to the core the reasons why we must never forget.


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