To love or not to love

Love is a beautiful word. Many people use it in their interactions with other people.

Be it their parents, siblings, children, other family-members, friends in real life or on social media like facebook.

But its just a word that only gets real meaning through actions and behavior. Love is like a sunflower. It takes dedication, sincerity and effort, or metaphorically speaking, fertile soil, sunshine and rain, to let it grow and flourish.

There are many “ingredients” that make up this beautiful thing called love.

I made a checklist of the most basic “ingredients” of this often mis-undersood 4 letter word, so you can see that if more than one is missing than there is no love.

1) Respect

2) Acceptance

3) Understanding

4) Affection

5) Attraction (mental, physical or spiritual)

6) Trust

7) Loyalty

8) Dignity

9) Empathy

So if someone who has love for his-or herself is mirroring and showing you these nine basic love-ingredients, than you know and feel that you are loved.

And remember, when you tell someone that you love him or her you sign an unwritten contract with that persons heart.

Take care of your self!






2 gedachten over “To love or not to love

  1. Beste Jerrel bedank voor de rijke informatie die je aan ons doet overkomen. ik denk dat velen met me eens zal zijn, van de kracht die uitgehaald je woorden haalt wordt geeft ons moet.
    Ik ervaar dit het als prettig.
    Vriendelijke groet,


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