Its in the gene sis….

Humans have app. 19.000 different proteïn coding genes. A mouse has 1000 more.

The Arabidopsis Thalania, a plant, has 25.498 different genes.

Around 6 and a half thousend more than humans.

Very funny to know that.

But to really get a smile on your face? What about these numbers?

Humans have base pairs.

The Polychaos Dubium, an Amoeboid, has 670.000.000.000 base pairs.

So in reality this amoebe is structured genewise so much more complex than humans. 

Canines have around 19.000 different genes. Same number as humans. Rhesus monkeys have around 22.000 genes. And 24 chromosome pairs. Man has 23. The number for gorillas is much higher.

And the water-flea? This little animal has the most protein coding genes of all animals and humans, 31.000.

So really. All this knowledge. To know. The decoding of the Holy Book of Nature is happening and is a proven reality. 

To understand that no human being can place him or her self above Nature. Place him or herself, based on religious fairy-tales, on a high and mighty pedestal of pseudo-superiority and call another human being “infidel dog” or “heathen monkey”.


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