Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun!

You`re like palmtrees on the north-pole

dont you know this environment is

much too cold for you?

Why you keep holding on to the ice,

the bling, the 19 inch rim spinning

your behaviour totally out of control?

Its no mystery

its like were being sold for the second time

in hystory.

Why you keep your weave,

pressed on nails and designer bags and shoes?

You wanna know; who is who

in the worldwide Hollywood

But baby boo

Cant you see?

Its all a reflection of your mental defenses defeated

and bowing down to a sick society.


Feel free to patiently climb the ladders of

your astral D.N.A.

Dont wait too long, cause its been

waaaaaaaay too many years and months

you were connected to your roots.

Children of the Sun!

A-fri-ka is calling you upon your


to come back home

and be free

be A-free-Ka


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