On Ships and Freedom

This mighty ship Europa

A sick imitation of

a high class civilization

Build from the profit,

the blood, sweat and tears

of centuries of slavery

Its slowly sinking

It was made to captivate

and keep you in a mental state

of deep sleep

Is strong the opposite of weak?

See, a lot of Black men

I hear them crying, protesting,

asking and wondering why

the Black man, woman and child

are imprisoned and kept inside

the belly of this mighty ship Europa

Mentally standing on their knees,

Fists pumping in the air,

like in a fotoshoot,

mi no wan no cheese


Like real multimedia-warriors

Holding out their hands

begging the white man

with an angry voice,


to let them be on deck,

to give to them

equal rights and liberty

To let the oppressor

give to them



Real Power?

Check it

500 years of terrorism

brought down on Africas children

is what

created this strange behaviour

It has them psychologically


bending, twisted and shackled

in a totally corrupt state

the white man made

With the mind of a slave

they are

thinking and dreaming

about the day they will drink in

the evildo-ers precious gift;


But its meaning-less

To the reasoning man its fruit-less

Its well, pretty dumb

to ask for free-dom

Are they really,

seriously asking

to be free from the system

or do they only want to be free

to adjust to the system

of injustice and brutality?

While some protest and have sit-inns,

in this mighty ship Europa

it is sinking and on its way to be

a nasty and shameful part

of world history



Do it Mentally!!

Especially If youre Black and Poor

Just push open the un-locked door


Get Off Board!!!!

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