Not so nice


We hear this word on a daily base and dont think much of it. All we know is that it has very positive connotations.

From everyday conversation and dictionaries you will learn that the meaning is “enjoyable, pleasant, pleasurable, amusing, good, gratifying , etc.”

But when you start to de-construct the word nice, doing research on the etymology of it, you discover there is nothing positive about this word.

nice (adj) from late 13th century CE english meaning “foolish, stupid, senseless,

from old-french nice (12th century CE) “careless, clumsy, weak,poor, needy, stupid, silly,

from Latin nescius meaning “ignorant, unaware”, literally “not knowing”,

ne-“not” + stem of scire “to know”. 

Nice as a synonym for pleasant or enjoyment is from the 19th century CE. 

So. Next time some body tells you that “you look nice”. Or “you are such a nice person”

Please, be an illuminator and uplift (educate)  him or her. Okay?










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